Friday, June 5, 2009

An Impromptu Dinner Party

So now that you've looked at a cute picture of the munchkin playing at Nana's house, I have to sing the praises of my sister Hillary.
I knew that she had taken a cooking class and was blossoming into quite the little chef, but I had no idea how talented she really was until this evening. Hillary and Jake decided to come up for the weekend to attend a friend's wedding tomorrow. Today is Jake's birthday and so I suggested that they could stop by my house this evening and I'd throw something together for dinner. Then Jesse said we could do it at her house and just have hamburgers on the grill or something. I volunteered to get a cake and we'd have a little party for Jake. Hillary told Jesse she'd cook something so not to worry about the burgers.
The amazing thing is that Hillary & Jake got to my house about 5:45 so that Hillary could rummage through my freezers and cabinets and figure out what to make for dinner. By 7:15 she had dinner on the table at Jesse's house, but it was no oridinary dinner. We had grilled salmon fillets in a rosemary basil pink sauce, herb and garlic roasted potatoes & vegetables and cheddar biscuits. It was awesome. The fact that she not only found everything to make such a spectacular dinner, but that she threw it together that quickly is really what amazed me. (And for those Iron Chef fans out there, the presentation wasn't bad either.)
After our heavenly dinner we played some Wii games, then had birthday cake.

I have to be honest though, for me the highlight of the evening was when Kelly leaned back too far and broke a dining room chair. It was pretty funny, until he said, "Well. That was good cake!" After that, it was just hilarious!


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

:-( this is me being sad because I miss you girls and your wonderful husbands and my little energizer bunny, Gideon and I missed Jake's birthday and Hillary's wonderful cooking. On the upside... Seaworld and Aquatica were fabulous and Cami, Jacob and Lily (especially Lily)were wonderful!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

BTW...... How's the shoulder?