Monday, June 29, 2009

Last of the Nostalgia...For Now

So this is it for the old school photos for now. These are the last from that particular batch I found. One of these days I'll go back through my albums and other photos and see what other gems I can find. I know somewhere I have so many more pictures of cool stuff. BJ & John's baptisms. Several Star Gazer's Balls. And so many more band contests. Tons of Community Theatre and School musicals and plays. So there's tons more stuff and oh so many more people I could potentially embarrass.

But for now, we'll end on this note. What can I say about Corey? Do you have those friends in your life, that you look back and you think, "Why on earth are we even friends? I guess it's just destiny." Outside of our religious background and a love for basketball, Corey and I really never shared many common interests. I'm not into computers, he hated country music, he did his HAM radio thing and I did my band and drama. But that never stopped us from being great friends almost from the first time we met. (Dude, you were this baby faced 12 year old! I wish I could find those pictures!) But there are just funny things that always remind me of Corey. Old school Mariah Carey songs for example. (Well. It was the 90's.)

Corey and I served our missions at around the same time. He was serving in Idaho and actually got transferred to Menan, quite literally two days after I went into the MTC. But we kept in touch. (Corey was always careful send me pictures while he was on his mission that made him look like a "stud" so if any of my companions ever saw them, they'd assume that I had this hottie writing to me. Which of course I did.)

Since the missions we've kept in touch better than I have with Will or John or Beej or any of the others. (Although thanks to blogs and Facebook, I've got those guys back in my life now too and I'm glad.) We would call or email now and then. And it's always the same. We just always seem to pick up where we left off. No matter how much time has passed, we can talk like it was just yesterday. And we still have that inexplicable friendship that was just meant to be, despite our different talents and interests. I guess I'm just blessed when it comes to having great friends. Spoiled really, because I got some of the best. And even though it's been nearly two decades since we all first met, (18 years! WOW!) I'm glad we haven't totally lost each other.


Stephanie H. said...

I didn't know you back then, just wanted to say I love your haircut in the pics :)

Hillary and Jake said...

Back then I was still in the "boys have cooties" phase and I didn't notice, But (and I never thought that I would ever say this in my life EVER!) Corey was kind of cute.

Corey said...

Ahh thanks for being such a good friend!

(and thanks Hillary) ;)

Cathy Shields said...

Well I might be totally biased but he was totally cute!!! And I think as time went by, he has not really shown his age at all. He must get that from me, hehehe :)