Sunday, June 21, 2009

North Clay 8th Grade Graduation 1992

Disclaimer: Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures. They've been in a box for nearly 20 years. And besides that, they were taken with an inexpensive camera which had inexpensive film by an inexperienced photographer. (me.)
Let the real humiliation begin. We had moved to Indiana from Texas in the summer of 1991, right before I started 8th grade. These pictures were all taken the day of my 8th grade graduation from North Clay Jr. High School.
This is Angie Boston. She was probably my closest girlfriend in 8th and 9th grade. After that, we kind of drifted apart. Oh, we never had a falling out and we never disliked each other, we just weren't close after that. This is pre-Carbon, so at this time, we actually lived just up the street from Angie and her mom.

I don't remember these two people. I think one of them might have been named Beth. (If anyone can help me out here, by all means...)

Okay I know for a fact this is Stacy Decker.

And that's Lori Tipton and Erin Hoffman. And I know the guy on the far right behind Erin is Tim Rissler, and I'm pretty sure the other guy is Todd McCullogh.

This is Beth P. I never could spell her last name. But her mom was an elementary school principal and she lived just down the road from us as well.
Okay Riss, I want to say that guy standing next to you is named Tony. Am I right?

Paige and Aimee (last names elude me now.)

Jacque and Reanda. (Sorry I only got half your face Re. I wasn't a very good photographer even then.)


Riss said...

You could have just left that picture in your crawl space. Better yet, the trash can. Can you say yuck?? I hated junior high!

Anyway, to answer your question: yes his name was Tony Slaughter. He was my boyfriend at the time. He was the first and last boyfriend to cheat on me. What a punk! See, junior high was bad!!
But it was fun to see pictures of everyone else! :)

The other people you mentioned;
Paige Little and Amy Stearley

Cali and Travis said...

Tony Slaughter! That's right! Riss seriously, Jr. High sucked for everyone. I was the weird new girl. Besides, don't you see how dorky I looked! I shudder every time I see that picture! But it was funny to stumble across these! And I'm glad you remember everyone so much better than I do.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Actually, from a completely unbiased opinion, I thought you were one of the prettier girls at your school. You had a very pretty face and that silky hair thing going on unlike the frizzy-perm coif everyone else seemed to be sporting. Embracing your individuality... that's what I call it!

Okay, maybe I am a little biased, but I am not wrong.

The Word Ver. for this is chali. Funny huh?

reanda said...

The pic of the 2 girls you didn't name is Beth something and Paula Black.

This is so much fun! Thanks for taking the time to upload all these photos!

For the record: Jr High was the WORST 2 years of my life!

Riss said...

That's so funny to hear others say that they hated Jr High. RE- I thought you had it all together back then. Why was it the worst?

Cali - I too thought you had beautiful hair. It wouldn't have mattered if perms were in for me, I already had fuzzy hair from my natural curl. :)

Cali and Travis said...

Thanks for the reminder Re. Paula Black. Wow! That was a long time ago. And I can't believe Jr. High was your worst years as well. I know it was for me because I moved and didn't have any friends at first. I think the reason I gravitated toward you is because you seemed to have it all together at that point. Like Riss said, it surprised me to read that.