Friday, June 26, 2009

Rockville Prom 96

By the time my senior prom rolled around I had only one goal. I wanted to be the most sophisticated person there. (I was still on my "vintage glamour" kick as ever.) Since I couldn't find a dress that satisfied my "Jean Harlow glamour meets Grace Kelly class" requirement, we had to find a pattern and alter it to work.

The first prom of that year was Rockville's which I went to with John.
Shiloh went to that one with Rodney and Will took a girl he was dating (who he met at the Community Theatre while doing Cinderella) named Stacy. Their post prom party theme was the Olympics. (It was 96 after all.)

There we are with the boys.

That's Stacy behind me. Sorry I don't have a better picture of her. I think she was caught off guard when someone pulled out the camera. She was really cute and didn't always look disgusted. One of the fun things though, was that she drove her dad's mustang convertible to prom.


leschornmom said...

I loved that dress! I told John that the first time that I saw your picture... You know he never has forgiven me for accidentally getting rid of you prom glass! I swear that I thought it was mine!!! I don't know if I gave it to Good will or what!

Corey said...

PIMP CANE!!!!!!!