Thursday, June 25, 2009

Orange Bowl

Yes, I was a band geek. Actually I was in the drumline. My senior year I was co-captain of the drumline.

That was the year we got to march in the Orange Bowl Parade. (The photo above is not from the Orange Bowl Parade. Just a parade down National Ave. in Brazil.)

This is what it looked like when we pulled away from the school on December 28, 1995

And this was December 30, 1995. Not bad for some hick kids from a farm town in Indiana. The kid in the picture above is Jason Theiman. He was a good friend of my sister, Cami's. He was pretty cool for a freshman. Although the coolest freshmen at our school that year were Eric B. Jon H. & Doug L. (Of course that could be because they were in the drumline, so I knew them best. I used to call them the "baby boys" but they didn't seem to mind. I was a senior and I actually spoke to them. That was all that mattered I guess.)

The biggest bummer of the trip for me was that mom chose to chaperone. Luckily, she pretty much stayed out of my hair. Still, it was embarassing having mom chaperone when I was a legal adult.

Nope that's not Bo Derek. That's Shiloh.

Okay, Cami is either shaking her hair out like a wet puppy, or she didn't want her photo taken.

Ouch! I'll guess it was the latter.

That's Dustin. He was the other co-captain of the drumline. He had fun playing in the sand apparently.

And this is one of the "baby boys." That's Doug L. He was a cool kid.

And that's me. As always trying to look like Malibu Beach Barbie Doll. Geez!


Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Yeah, well I tried to stay out of your hair. :) At anyrate, at least you had a kind of young parent to be embarrassed by. Imagine if I went on a beach trip now with Cody's schol or something. How bad would that be? Yuck!!

Amber Dawn said...

I'm really enjoying the old pictures. It's funny how I see your younger sisters in different shots of you and Shiloh. And I think Cami looked good in that picture!

Hillary and Jake said...

HOLY COW! Cami looks just like Skye in that picture. I have one of Skye making that face at me. they look scarily alike.

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

I didn't even notice Cami's face, I was too distracted by the shorts from Mars. Forget Hard Rock cafe, it's a Rock Hard mistake!

Kelly and Jesse said...

Thank you Skye. Except I remember those shorts and at the time we all loved them. I just don't think they go with the suit. Hey, she is her father's daughter.

Jacob and Cami said...

Hey I got them on this trip and was excited to wear them!! And I think I was trying to do a sexy shake my wet hair thing. Ok maybe not!