Friday, June 26, 2009

Northview Prom 96

By the time my own senior prom rolled around my Jean Harlow meets Grace Kelly dress had gotten some use. But I was really excited because there was a big group of us going together and we were all good friends. My date was Jason Palmer, who didn't go to our school, but I knew him from church. Shiloh went with BJ, Corey took Jenny M. & Shiloh's friend Jamia asked Will. (Sidebar: Will became inexplicably popular with the girls from our school that year. We'd all known him for so long that it was surprising when he met Dee, a cheerleader and little sister of Shiloh's best friend and she totally hung all over him. And then Jamia met him and she really developed a thing for him too.)

Anyway, we all got ready at Jenny's house. That's Jamia, Shiloh, Jenny, me & Cami, who helped us get ready. Cami and Marty also helped serve our dinner which was cooked by Barbara & mom.

Jason, Corey & BJ. Will had a conflict, (I can't remember what it is now, can you enlighten me please Will) anyway, he couldn't make it until halfway through the prom, so he missed our little dinner party.

And there's our group. Minus Will of course.

Why again, didn't we wait for Will to get our group picture done?

Me & Jason. Pretty sophisticated, right? (At least for a couple of teenagers.)

Corey & Jenny. (This actually may have been the longest they were together for the whole prom. She spent most of the night running around with Jamia.)

Shiloh & Beej. I actually made Shiloh's prom dress that year. It was my final project for my advanced level sewing class. (And you all thought I didn't have any creative talents like that.)

That's Ricky! Rick Nightengale. Still a good friend.

Hey! Will finally got here!

I don't remember the post prom theme that year. What I do remember is that Jason and I were so tired we pretty much just sat in a corner and zoned out the whole night.

After the post prom ended, almost all of us when back to Corey's house to crash. I don't remember if any of us actually got any sleep. But I do remember watching movies ("Swing Kids") and the boys playing some computer game or something. I do remember that morning came way too soon and we all went out to breakfast and then hiking up at Turkey Run. Obviously we were gluttons for punishment.

Know what I remember when I see this photo? I was hiking and all of a sudden I hear Will's voice dripping with sarcasm from somewhere in the woods above the ravine, "Hey look, everyone! It's Camping Adventure Barbie!" Or maybe it wasn't Will. Maybe it was Corey....


Jessica said...

Wow, Cali, I am LOVING all of these "memory lane" posts! You still look just as hott!

William said...

Does anyone else think I look a little demonic in that picture? Like seriously I’m like a distorted head popping out of the shadows! And that camping adventure barbie thing sounds like somthing Alex would say. However I have no memorie of that day. Was I even there for that part.

William said...

I just remembered why I showed up so incredibly late for north views prom. I was in another stinking musical and there was a performance that night. The sad thing is I had to leave the musical early and missed out on being in the cast picture also. I don’t know why you would be surprised about all these girls chasing me. Lets face it I was a stud. That and I was about to serve a mission, which has a tendency to stir up all sorts of girl traffic. Shortly after Prom I had to crawl into a hole and pull it in after me just to get away from them.

‘S Rioghal Mo Dhream
William E Herrington

Cathy Shields said...

That's how I met Jennie, the morning after prom she woke up at my fun! I remember going to Garbers and helping out with the prom pictures just so I could see you all.