Monday, June 29, 2009

Reunion Pics (And some other random stuff)

I got my in-laws camera and found some fun stuff in additon to the reunion pictures.

Can I tell you how much I love this little munchkin! What a funny kid!

This is the reunion. That's Joy, Danice, and Jeremy holding Lily. (Don't ask me how I remember all these names. Must have Divine help.)

And that's Linda, Colleen, Joy & Daniece. (Daniece is my mother-in-law, of course. The other three are my father-in-law's sisters.)

Mostly I just took pictures of the munchkin running and playing. Because he's so darned cute!

That's my father-in-law. Of course.

This was tonight. We had "Chicken on the bone!" for dinner!

Back to the Future!

So now that you're all on overload from my recent barage of history lesson blog posts, perhaps I'll update you on what's happening now. Munchkin and I headed to SLC for the weekend. There were two reasons really. One was Trav's family reunion (which he missed for like the 3rd straight year.) I took some pictures at the reunion, but I took them with my in-laws camera (becuase they still haven't figured out how to use the digital yet.) So when I get the camera from them, I'll post some reunion pics.

The other reason was for James Clegg's 30th birthday party. Actually it was a surprise party which his wife put together. It was so fun because they had a "Roast" of James and we all got to tell funny and embarrassing stories about him. Anyway, it was a great time, I'm so glad it worked out that I could be there!
And there he is with his super cute wife JeNae. They're expecting their 3rd child in November, and she still looks so darling! I'll admit I'm a little jealous! It's just no fair when pregnant ladies look so cute. (And yes, I'm including Jama, Ashley, Shiloh and Cami and so many others in that!)

Today we went to the park. It was fun. I don't have much else to say about that.

Last of the Nostalgia...For Now

So this is it for the old school photos for now. These are the last from that particular batch I found. One of these days I'll go back through my albums and other photos and see what other gems I can find. I know somewhere I have so many more pictures of cool stuff. BJ & John's baptisms. Several Star Gazer's Balls. And so many more band contests. Tons of Community Theatre and School musicals and plays. So there's tons more stuff and oh so many more people I could potentially embarrass.

But for now, we'll end on this note. What can I say about Corey? Do you have those friends in your life, that you look back and you think, "Why on earth are we even friends? I guess it's just destiny." Outside of our religious background and a love for basketball, Corey and I really never shared many common interests. I'm not into computers, he hated country music, he did his HAM radio thing and I did my band and drama. But that never stopped us from being great friends almost from the first time we met. (Dude, you were this baby faced 12 year old! I wish I could find those pictures!) But there are just funny things that always remind me of Corey. Old school Mariah Carey songs for example. (Well. It was the 90's.)

Corey and I served our missions at around the same time. He was serving in Idaho and actually got transferred to Menan, quite literally two days after I went into the MTC. But we kept in touch. (Corey was always careful send me pictures while he was on his mission that made him look like a "stud" so if any of my companions ever saw them, they'd assume that I had this hottie writing to me. Which of course I did.)

Since the missions we've kept in touch better than I have with Will or John or Beej or any of the others. (Although thanks to blogs and Facebook, I've got those guys back in my life now too and I'm glad.) We would call or email now and then. And it's always the same. We just always seem to pick up where we left off. No matter how much time has passed, we can talk like it was just yesterday. And we still have that inexplicable friendship that was just meant to be, despite our different talents and interests. I guess I'm just blessed when it comes to having great friends. Spoiled really, because I got some of the best. And even though it's been nearly two decades since we all first met, (18 years! WOW!) I'm glad we haven't totally lost each other.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Youth Conference 96

Regardless of having just graduated, I was eligible for one more Youth Conference. It turned out to be one of the best we had. We drove over to Nauvoo and spent 4 days and 3 nights camping out and seeing the sights. It was interesting, the boys got to stay in cabins, but the girls were all in this one big huge building. Sleeping on the floor of a cafeteria like room.

Cami always was weird on road trips. (I mean, who else would make their teddy bear pretend to pee in a Mtn. Dew bottle, the signal to the other car that we needed a potty break.)
Jenny had cut her hair by this time. I thought it was cute!

I believe this was the YC where Marty and I had the bet. He said he could get more girls' phone numbers than I could get boys. When we got into the van to leave a few days later, I had one more number. So he jumped out of the van, ran across the parking lot and practically accosted two girls. I still think I won.

A lot can happen in a dozen years. In 1999 they started rebuilding the Nauvoo temple. But at the time. This was it....

The Brazil boys. (Corey you know I adore you! But this was sooooo not your best fashion statement.)

The Brazil girls! Beth, Cami, Jenny, Me & Shiloh.

Kara Richey too early in the morning. Kara & I had a lot of fun at Girls' Camp the year before because we were the only 2nd year Youth Leaders. Funny story, I ran into Kara a few years later. At the MTC, in fact. She was headed for Romania. That's the last I ever saw of her.

Random photos of Cami.

Kris Pugh told me one time I was the most intimidating girl he'd ever met. I'm still not sure if that's a good thing or not...

Okay I have a funny story about Andy Ault, but it actually happened a couple of years earlier at Girls' Camp. Andy came to camp that year one evening with his parents because his dad was our Stake President. Technically he wasn't breaking the rules because of who he was with. However, he was wearing shorts, and since Girls' Camp had a strict "long pants only" policy, that was breaking the rules. So Andy had to borrow a pair of jeans from one of the girls to wear for the rest of the day. I'm just glad they weren't my jeans. I think I'd have had a breakdown.

This was the Youth Council that planned YC that year. Shiloh's on the back row next to Jason P. and Sammi. You'll recognize Andy Ault. Sherry and Sally and the boys who's names I don't remember.

Cami and Beth. (Seriously Cami. What was with the tom boy phase.)

Cami had an absolute harem following her around that year. Marty, Brandon, Conrad, and Neil and so many boys I don't remember. Everywhere she went it seemed like there were at least 3 or 4 boys tagging along like little lost puppies.


Yes, I graduated. More years ago now than I'd like to admit.

This is with BJ & a friend, Jackson Doyle.

And this is my crazy little family.

John graduated from Rockville that year. As did Will and Rodney. But somehow I only have these pictures of John in cap and gown.

Since there were five of us from church who graduated that year, we had one big combined graduation party out at Forest Park. (BJ, I have no idea why you got halfway cut off in the picture. I wasn't the photographer, so I can't take the blame for that one.)

That's Carrie Lynn. Shiloh's very best friend. (Although, Carrie and I have always been pretty close, too.)

Brandon Bob! I loved this kid. He ended up dating Shiloh.

Jenny & Carrie

And of course, Cami with Jenny and Brandon

It makes me a little ill to see how young my mom looks in this picture. Then again I guess she was only 39. That makes me a little ill considering my husband will be 38 before the year is out.

Later that night we ended up at Jackson's graduation party held out in the middle of nowhere at some ancient school house his family owned. Believe it or not, this was not the craziest part of the night. If I remember correctly, before everything was said and done, some of you were shooting bottle rockets and cows.

And this was 10 days after graduation. Shiloh's car met with a telephone poll when I was driving too fast in the rain. I still feel really bad about that.

On the bright side. It's the only wreck I've ever been in. (knock on wood.)